The beginning

After some time deciding whether or not to dedicate some of my time to write about the subject, I’ve decided to do it. I already spend most of my time reading football news, playing football (video) games and thinking about it. I might not be the brightest, but I can certainly see the obvious and point out what’s right and what’s wrong.

Latin American football, and most specifically the Brazilian one, doesn’t get much attention from the outside media unless the coverage is about a mega-star yet to reach its peak (e.g. Neymar, Lucas), the Brazilian national squad and sometimes the league title. It’s pretty unfortunate, considering the potential the championship and the clubs have following Brazil’s economic tendencies.

I bet people will hear more about it, and is my “mission” to bring you some news. I can’t guarantee any kind of regularity, as I am between an internship and started my graduation in Economics last year. But as long as I have a space to expose my ideas and to spread the most important news of Brazilian football, I’ll be fine. And I hope you will be, too.

That’s it. Welcome!

And “obrigado”!


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