Seedorf: from Italy to Brazil?

Since 2008, the rumours started. It seemed like every big Brazilian team wanted Clarence Seedorf’s services. But it was all words, like most rumours, thrown into the wind.

Until now.

Seedorf extended his contract with Milan for a year in June 2011, which will allow him to move for free in the next European transfer window unless the club decides to extend it another time, which seems unlikely. Milan lost many idols due to aging this season, but keeping one with wages as high as Seedorf wouldn’t be too wise.

Given that fact, Botafogo, one of “Rio de Janeiro big four”, went for Seedorf. Once again, the rumours flown sending the player to multiple teams, but the reports coming these days indicate Clarence heading to “Fogão”.

One of the facts that might influence Seedorf’s decision is his charity program, “Champions for Children”, which he plans to expand in Brazil after spending approx. €50,000 in a sports complex in Bahia, a state of Brazil. A noble attitude, which made him also accept a reportedly low monthly wage of €190,000 (link in Portuguese) given the emerging markets in China and Middle East offering millionaire contracts to veterans.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But as a fan of him, I really hope he comes to Rio!


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