Ganso wants out

Ganso could be out really soon

Ganso has been a deception so far. After being deemed as one of the best in his generation, his recent form hasn’t been living up for the high expectations set by some of his performances pre-Brazil NT call-ups. Worst of all, he seems to give much thought to his agents and is always under some rumble over contract and transfer rights negotiations since he emerged to media limelight. But his run in Santos seems closer to an end.

His current contract runs until Jan 2015, with a current release clause of €50m and monthly wages of (risible) €50,000. Santos offered him a raise in his wages, which would go to €170,000 monthly along with a bigger release clause and an extension until Dec 2015. But Ganso’s counter-proposal asked for mounting up to €400,000, which made Santos’ president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro rightfully outrageous, ending negotiations and admitting that they’d be interested in a deal for Ganso in the near future.

Ganso’s coach, Muricy Ramalho, also went out to the media asking for the player to make a decision about where he wants to play, recognizing that keeping him as unhappy as he shows wouldn’t be good for any parties involved. Add in the mix that Delcir Sonda, owner of the group which has 55% of Ganso’s transfer rights, declared a few minutes ago that the player wouldn’t play again for Santos and that he’s looking to buy the other 45%, and the plot thickens.

If rumours about Tottenham interest were already high, the tendency once again is going up. André Villas-Boas said he wanted him as an option for Spurs, and those recent episodes would only get Ganso closer to a deal where he would come very cheap to Tottenham. Also, considering the recent capture of Jan Vertonghen from Ajax, the North London side is aiming what could be one of the best transfer windows in their history. We should wait and see.



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