Hulk asks for respect from former Brazilian star

I wouldn’t mess with this guy…

After former Brazilian football hero and current congressman Romário went on Twitter to publicly criticize the Olympics U23 selection ), and directing personal critics to the selected players over 23 years old saying “they don’t deserve it”, as “they’re not quality material”, Hulk backfired telling Romário that “he deserves respect”.

Hulk was quoted by saying “Romário is someone I admire and always will and respect. He was a world champion. He’s a guy who’s got many things with the National Team. In the same way I respect him, I think I deserve respect as well. So he’s someone I will always respect. I’m just asking for the same treatment from him.”

Romário is known for his polemic behaviour, and this wasn’t the first time he criticized Mano’s call-up to represent the National Team. But his hands are tied, and Mano doesn’t have much to work on, so Romário’s criticism might be slightly undeserved. If he wants to keep criticizing, he should direct it at the way Brazil’s NT has been showing less than impressive performances on the pitch against quality competition like Argentina or France.

If you want to read a review of Mano’s list, click here!


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