Corinthians coach: “Chelsea was too defensive in CL title”

Tite building up for possible December match

Corinthians is still enjoying their first Copa Libertadores title, earning once again a huge amount of time in Brazil’s most important TV show. Corinthians’ coach Tite is also reaping what he sow by going to TV networks to express his opinions about topics ranging from their player’s condition to criticism regarding their probable Club World Championship, Chelsea.

Corinthians hasn’t been doing pretty well in the first rounds of the Brazilian League, standing at relegation zone with 5 points after 7 games. The team’s performance was much affected by their Copa Libertadores campaign, where Tite chose to pick reserve and youth players to play national matches while resting the main squad for the more important continental games. For Tite, both titles couldn’t be disputed with the same mental and physical intensity.

According to the coach, at the moment the Brazilian League would only work as a test for the Club World Championship ahead of the team, which will be played in December. Tite also refused to talk about back to back Brazilian League titles, as they “can’t talk about it because we are in relegation zone”.

Tite was already critical of Chelsea before, when Corinthians was compared to what Chelsea brought to the pitch when facing Barcelona and Bayern at the Champions League, condemning their “anti-game” tactics and saying that Chelsea’s victory at the CL “was a defeat to the sport of football”. Now, in his TV interview today, Tite went on to criticize Chelsea again, criticizing Chelsea’s way of defending and waiting for an opportunity to emerge throughout their Champions League winning campaign, stating that Corinthians “simply plays a different tactic”.



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2 responses to “Corinthians coach: “Chelsea was too defensive in CL title”

  1. rdc

    Chelsea’s way of defending and waiting for an opportunity to emerge throughout their Champions League winning campaign’ — Yeah that’s called counter attacking. We knew Barca and Bayern were better and had better players, so we played to our strengths which was defending. We would have been stupid to take them on at their own game. That is why we beat them.

    Corinthians “simply plays a different tactic” — No they don’t. They had 3 players on Neymar alone. They play counter attacking but it looks more ‘beautiful’ because of the terrible defending in Brasilian football.

    • shaune

      lol you my friend and your comment lol terrible defending with Gary Cahill and your stinking defenders.The truth is you were humiliated by his team.All that money you have spent on some of the supposed best players in the world and his Corinthians side outclassed you.My favorite moment was the look on Gary Cahills face as the forward Guerrero for Corinthians put it through his legs, and Cahill realized he’d been shown for the clumsy defender he is.Funny if these guys are such bad defenders how Hazards little back of a couple of tricks could do nothing against the Corinthians right sider Jorge Henrique who had his number for the entire game.Your team was shit, the Brazilians were much better. People who enjoy attacking football have no respect for sides like Chelsea, and their negative tactics.Not worth paying money to watch.Id rather loose and know my team gave it ago.No respect for your team.

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