Darío Conca closer to Fluminense, says his agent

Will he wear a Fluminense shirt again?

Darío Conca has been saying to the media how he wants to move out of China since his first struggles in Chinese team Guangzhou Evergrande started, even going on to hand a transfer request. According to Conca, his wife, who recently had his first born child, didn’t adapt accordingly to Chinese culture, and he himself is sick of episodes like not being allowed to bring his child to the pitch.

Conca also expressed his wishes to get back to Brazilian football, preferably to the club which sent him to media limelight: Fluminense. But his transfer wouldn’t be the easiest thing to get through.

First of all, Fluminense isn’t alone in his run to get Conca. Zinho, Flamengo’s football director went out to say that Flamengo would be interested in his capture, and some rumors emerged saying that Santos was also willing to bid for him.

Another factor is his transfer fee. While Fluminense offered around US$ 5m to acquire Darío Conca’s services, Guangzhou won’t sell him for less than US$10m, which is a huge stumbling block for a club which runs under so much debt like Fluzão.

While some reports said Conca was running out of patience regarding Fluminense’s willingness to “rescue” him, his agent said today that the only club which is officially dealing with the athlete currently is Fluminense. Other rumored clubs never made through showing interest, and Conca is willing to listen only to Fluminense terms until this week ends.

Darío Conca cameo at China might serve as an example for some players. While he went there to earn big bucks and “acquire his financial independence” (I wonder how someone couldn’t reach it by earning €120,000 monthly), his family and himself didn’t adapt properly to the country. Some Brazilian players eventually manage to succeed in Chinese ground (see Muriqui at Conca’s team), but it doesn’t seem like a trend. China is a whole new market, with a different football style and they’re still developing their teams in terms of competition and supporting.

It might eventually succeed, and players like Drogba and Anelka are taking this opportunity looking to profit now and in the future. But not everyone is going to succeed under lesser competition in an obscure league. Hopefully, Chinese football will be relevant enough so players won’t feel so homesick.


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