Seedorf sets aim at national league title

Seedorf in his 1st press conference

Clarence Seedorf went out to do today his first press conference as a Botafogo player. Inside a Rio de Janeiro’s city palace filled with journalists, Seedorf answered in clear Portuguese questions which went from his first objective in the team to why he chose to play for Botafogo.

Seedorf was presented in the city palace by Rio de Janeiro’s city mayor Eduardo Paes, receiving a shirt which read “The most carioca (how Rio de Janeiro citizens are called) of Dutch”. Shortly after, he faced the journalists.

Regarding Botafogo’s 17 years drought of national titles, since their Brazilian League winning campaign in 1995, Seedorf  said “I’m a dreamer, and I always set my dreams as objectives. Botafogo must dream at the moment for a Brazilian League title. It’s the first thing on my list”.

He also didn’t set himself as the star of the team, being humble by saying “I’m just another squad player, an option for Osvaldo de Oliveira (current Botafogo’s coach)”.

The Dutch player also went out to thank the people of Rio, specially Botafogo fans, who are making his transition to the new country and city much easier by being so kind to him. He also remembered when he first talked to Botafogo representatives back in 2011, stating that he chose Botafogo because of their project to elevate their levels national and internationally.


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