Brazilian League Serie A – Round 8 Review

Fluminense beats Flamengo in game completing 100 years of rivalry

This one is coming up REALLY late, right? Hopefully that won’t become a habit.

Anyway, excuses aside, this round really favored home teams, as 7 games in a total of 10 were won by the hosts. There was also a rather high goal ratio per game, standing at 2.5 but highly inflated by the Santos x Grêmio scoreboard.

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21:30 (GMT) – Saturday 7 July, 2012 – Botafogo 3 x 0 Bahia

Seedorf was introduced to 20,000 Botafogo supporters at this game and his presence made a good omen for the team. Cidinho scored 2 goals, 3 counting the strangely disallowed one and Elkeson, who played as a striker for the first time in his Botafogo cameo (he’s originally an AMC), scored the goal which closed the scoreboard in a match where the home team dominated Bahia throughout the entire 90 minutes.

21:30 (GMT) – Saturday 7 July, 2012 – Internacional 2 x 1 Cruzeiro

– Internacional also had the privilege of introducing Diego Forlán to his supporters, and managed to bag a good win against a quality Cruzeiro squad. Oscar opened the scoreboard at the 6 minutes mark, and Leandro Damião increased Inter’s mark when Cruzeiro pressured the most. Cruzeiro’s coach Celso Roth made several changes in his team, which eventually turned out to make effect when Léo scored at the 74 minutes mark. This goal affected Inter, which began to feel even more pressure, leading Internacional supporters to start calling their coach, Dorival Junior, “dumb”. But Internacional handled the pressure and got the victory in their bags.

00:00 (GMT) – Sunday 8 July, 2012 – Atlético-GO 0 x 1 Náutico

– A pretty boring match, as expected. Náutico opened the score with an early Araújo, Fluminense’s loanee, goal at the 16 minutes mark. Both teams thereafter didn’t show much threat to either of them and the match ended just like that. And Atlético-GO is the only team in 8 rounds that didn’t win a single league game.

19:00 (GMT) – Sunday 8 July, 2012 – Figueirense 1 x 1 Vasco

– In another match where a new player, Sebástian “El Loco” Abreu, was introduced to his supporters, Figueirense drew at home against Vasco in a very truncated match. Diego Souza, who’s rumoured to be leaving Vasco soon to join Egyptian club Al-Ahly, scored Vasco’s goals at the 21 minute mark. Until then, Vasco only offered danger from dead ball opportunities taken by Juninho Pernambucano. The goal permitted Vasco to employ their defensive tactic, which worked as Figueirense couldn’t find a way to produce any goal chances. Until Dedé, at the 50 minute mark, handled the ball and referee Paulo César de Oliveira gave Figueirense a penalty, which was defended by Vasco goalkeeper Fernando Prass. Figueirense eventually found his goal at the 28 minute mark, with a poacher effort from striker Ronny. A bad result for both teams, as Vasco could’ve finished as leaders this round had they won, and Figueirense with only 9 points is too close to the relegation zone.

19:00 (GMT) – Sunday 8 July, 2012 – Santos 4 x 2 Grêmio

– That game was a surprise to say the least. Among all Ganso tension created after he turned down Santos’ offer to renew his contract, and the businessman who owns part of his transfer rights saying Ganso wouldn’t play again for the club, Felipe Anderson, direct Ganso reserve, responded by having a stellar participation in Santos troucing against a Grêmio team that went to the match as favourites. The 18 years old player scored 2 goals and made 2 key passes in all 4 Santos goals. Grêmio made 2 as consolation at the end. So far in the league, Santos still is in the relegation zone, while Grêmio remains in an intermediate position. Good thing for Santos is that they won their first match since winning Velez at home in the Copa Libertadores Quarter-finals, and maybe they could get their ship straight.

19:00 (GMT) – Sunday 8 July, 2012 – São Paulo 3 x 1 Coritiba

– One of the biggest mysteries of Brazilian football is why Milton Cruz, São Paulo’s caretaker manager, never took over as official manager. He always seems to get to most out of his players, like in this match against Coritiba. Ok, Coritiba was resting their starters for the 2nd leg of the Brazilian Cup final, but still São Paulo’s showing was much impressive. Lucas Moura had a good game, creating havoc in the defence with his runs and setting up São Paulo’s last goal. Another highlight in the match was Osvaldo, who was acquired from Ceará in the beginning of the season but wasn’t even making to the bench in some games under Leão. He scored a goal and made an assist, too. Now, São Paulo’s new coach Ney Franco will receive in his hands a team with some confidence back, and with a good start in the league as they already scored 15 points, only 4 points behind leaders Atlético-MG.

19:00 (GMT) – Sunday 8 July, 2012 – Fluminense 1 x 0 Flamengo (Fla-Flu derby)

– I already gave the spoiler up there, but to resume the game: Fluminense scored an early goal with Fred after a Thiago Neves cross, at the 7 minute mark, even though Flamengo was putting heavy pressure on Flu. Flamengo’s dominance continued throughout the game, even though Fluminense had 2 or 3 chances to close the deal in missed opportunities by either Fred or Wellington Nem. Flamengo threatened Fluminense until the last minute, but for Fluminense’s luck, their defense was in a particular good day and didn’t commit any mistakes. Joel Santana’s misuse of his squad also helped, along with a bit of luck as dropping back to hold on to a result after the 15 minute mark in a 90 minute match isn’t something wise. Someone should tell that to Abel Braga!

21:30 (GMT) – Sunday 8 July, 2012 – Atlético-MG 2 x 0 Portuguesa

– As expected, Portuguesa didn’t show to be much of a threat to Atlético-MG at their home ground. Even though Portuguesa wasn’t that bad, both Atlético goals came from mistakes by Dida, long-time serving goalkeeper for Milan. Unfortunate for a guy with such winning career. But it didn’t matter to Atlético-MG, as they reached 19 points in the table and remain isolated leaders in the league so far.

21:30 (GMT) – Sunday 8 July, 2012 – Ponte Preta 1 x 0 Palmeiras

– Just like Coritiba (or Coxa), Palmeiras rested their starters for the 2nd leg of Brazilian Cup final. That’s why the result doesn’t strike as a surprise, even though Palmeiras in relegation zone isn’t something so usual to see. The game started with Palmeiras taking initiative, but a mistake by goalkeeper Deola in the 15 minute mark after a Ricardinho free kick pretty much closed the deal for Ponte Preta. After that, Palmeiras threatened a bit but soon Ponte Preta started dominating possession and managed the clock until the game ended, bagging a much wanted win that sent them to 12th place in the table while Palmeiras remains at the 19th position.

21:30 (GMT) – Sunday 8 July, 2012 – Sport Recife 1 x 1 Corinthians

– Corinthians got back to the Brazilian League to play against Sport in the opponent’s home. In a crowded Ilha do Retiro, Corinthians opened the score with a polemic but regular goal by Liédson at 29 minute mark, who scored 4 goals in 19 matches since the 2012 season began. Just a few minutes before the match was coming to an end, Marquinhos Gabriel scored Sport’s consolation. A well deserved result, considering how both teams were pretty much at the same level throughout the game.

League table – Jul 10, 2012


PG – points earned; J – games played; V – wins; E – draws; D – losses; GP – goals for; GC – goals against; SG – goal difference; % – points percentual


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