Corinthians wants to lock up Paulinho

Paulinho close to renovate contract with Corinthians

With Inter Milan showing interest in acquiring Paulinho, even sending a board member to try to negotiate directly with Corinthians, the team is confident that it will renovate their link with their main player until tomorrow (July 11).Inter made an offer of €9m for the player, who is not owned entirely by Corinthians. In fact, his transfer rights are owned by third-parties, and only 10% of it is owned by Corinthians. The club is willing to meet Inter’s bid, buying the missing 90% from the third-party groups.

It’d be wise for Corinthians to do that. Paulinho already said he wants to stay in Brazil even though moving to Inter Milan is really tempting. They could sell him in the future given that he remains developing and keeps his status as a key player, getting a nice profit from this transfer. That’s what’s likely to happen if Oscar transfer to Chelsea is officially announced, as Inter bought him from São Paulo in May for €6m and is close to receive €25m for him.


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