Neymar associates with Brazilian billionaire

Mega-bucks managed by giga-bucks

In what shouldn’t be a surprise, Neymar signed this Tuesday (Jul 10) a contract with IMX Talent, a business which is part of EBX, Eike Batista’s holding company which includes firms who act in markets ranging from mining to stadium administration.

To those who aren’t familiar with Eike Batista, he’s simply the richest man in Brazil, and is also ranked 7th worldwide according to Forbes. According to reports, this contract will give Neymar media advising as well as career strategy and management, with the possibility of making international campaign through IMG Worldwide, an associate of IMX.

Neymar has been receiving advice regarding his career and media handling through 9ine, which is Ronaldo Fenômeno’s agency. It’s unclear how the situation with 9ine stands at the moment. Both parties could work together, as it is known that some players regularly sign more than one agency to manage his career and his exposure to the media. But those two also work separately; I’m sure neither of these agencies would want to be relegated.

Nevertheless, it’s a good partnership for Eike and Neymar. Sooner or later, the player will have to leave Brazil and aim higher grounds, so having the right people to back him up is more than wise, and I’m sure IMX is capable of doing such task.



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