Joel Santana near sacking; Coritiba’s coach possible substitute

Joel Santana, the Polyglot

Flamengo hasn’t been doing much given their squad strength. Even though they lost Ronaldinho Gaúcho to Atlético-MG following a judicial decision over Flamengo’s debt to him, they still have a team that, featuring a good coach, would be at least fighting for a Copa Libertadores spot at the Brazilian League. So far, Joel Santana’s side hasn’t shown that potential, and that’s the very reason why he’s so close of getting a deserved boot.

Rio de Janeiro’s press has been reporting that current Coritiba coach Marcelo Oliveira, who took Coxa to back to back Brazilian Cup finals, was Flamengo’s first option to take the team’s reigns when Joel Santana gets sacked. Marcelo Oliveira went to the press to deny the claims that he’d go straight to Flamengo when Joel leaves and also stated that no other club has contacted him offering jobs.

It’s disastrous to see coaches like Joel Santana still getting jobs in the Brazilian market. I can’t fathom how such an open market still hasn’t attracted or reached any Latin American coaches who showed quality and would certainly be willing to take over a Brazilian team given the difference between wages received in, for example, Chile compared to Brazil. Another fact is that Brazil isn’t producing new coaches as well, which makes me wonder if CBF board members think that the National Team will continue to be as profitable as it is even after they keep failing to get titles.

We can’t focus only on developing good players. They need coaches to work them through, to make them develop, and the current ones are too old to keep up with football’s new trends and tendencies. I just hope they think the same way I do before it’s too late.


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