Riquelme is trouble, says former Cruzeiro star

No one recommends Riquelme, but everyone wants him

Seems like Flamengo isn’t the only Brazilian team interested in Riquelme services, as Cruzeiro’s presidente Gilvan Tavares went on to say the team would be after him, too. But this whole story is not so cut and dry.

Gilvan Tavares consulted with a Brazilian representative of Riquelme’s agent regarding his transfer, and when he communicated his action to Cruzeiro’s staff, some of their members and employees went on to say that Sorín, one of Cruzeiro’s major idols, didn’t recommend his signing. According to the press, Sorín highlighted Riquelme’s bad manures, low productivity and lack of ambition. Also, he’s a troublemaker and divided lock rooms wherever he was. Some say that he’s leaving Boca Juniors because he doesn’t have a good relationship with the team’s board and with the team’s coach.

Rumours spread lately say that Los Angeles Galaxy, a MLS team which features Landon Donovan, David Beckham and Robbie Keane, were interested in bringing Riquelme to the team. In Brazil, there hasn’t been any news regarding Flamengo’s previous interest in Riquelme. Their 1st priority as it stands for the attacking midfielder position is Wolfsburg’s Diego.


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