Deco renews Fluminense contract

Deco signs new Fluminense contract

In a press conference in Laranjeiras, Fluminense headquarters, Flu president Peter Siemsen announced that the club renewed their contract with ex-Porto, Barcelona and Chelsea midfielder Deco.

Deco, who’s been arguably the most important Fluminense player since mid-2011 after a rough start in 2010 marred by injuries, is looking to stay at the club until his retirement. That’s why his new contract will run until Dec 2013, with an option to extend it one more year if both sides meet an agreement. This follows the mold of his old contract, that would finish in December this year. According to Deco, the squad is now focused on disputing the Brazilian League title this year to get back at Copa Libertadores in 2013. A Copa Libertadores trophy would be not only a personal mark for him, but also a mark for the team which never won the competition in their 110 years history.

Even though Deco is almost 35 years old and his fitness problems are tending to decline, his technique sets him apart from his opponents when he sets his feet on the pitch. He’s a true game changer, registering 8 assists in only 3 games disputed in the Brazilian League, and keeping around him could also be good in the future as he already stated that he intends to become a coach or a director after retirement. Given his Barcelona and Porto links, good things might come out of Deco-Fluminense partnership outside the pitch as well.


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