Bad day for Flamengo

They should train darts with Balotelli

Flamengo might have managed something never seen in the history of football. Their fans can already brag how stupid their board will look like in the following months after they have their Diego loan bid rejected by Wolfsburg, and also missed Roma’s Juan due to a board member resistance in paying the player high wages.Diego’s news came up this morning. Football director Zinho and club president Patricia Amorim announced after a brief reunion at Flamengo’s CT “Vulture Nest” (Vulture is Flamengo’s official mascot) that German side Wolfsburg refused the team’s loan bid of €2.6m for Diego. Flamengo would pay half of his wages – €400,000 per month – while Volkswagen would pay the rest of it in a sponsorship deal. The brand is also Wolfsburg main sponsor, and it is divided the opinion whether this would help or impede the move.

Flamengo’s coach Joel Santana had admitted in an interview before the reunion that he hardly believed Diego would be brought to the squad. But he sounded optimistic about a homemade #10 to be pushed up to 1st team. Nevertheless, Flamengo is still looking for options in the transfer market.

Another bad news for Flamengo fans is that they missed on Juan. Even though the player called the club to directly negotiate his transfer and contract, Internacional offered higher wages and financial VP Michel Levy didn’t approve the move. Juan will receive €140,000 per month at Inter, mounting up to €200,000 with marketing actions. According to an insider, Flamengo’s offer was far from what Inter was willing to pay, and the player chose the Porto Alegre side even though he is a supporter of Flamengo.

To sum it up: Unbelievable. Even in an election year, Flamengo president shows major inability to run the club, missing their major targets in a few hours interval.


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