Brazil U23: Shirt numbers released

Oscar is number 10

Today, FIFA released the name of every player that will participate in the Olympic Games this month, along with their shirt numbers. One of the highlights in the Brazilian squad is Oscar being handled the #10 shirt, while Ganso, who is disputing the AMC spot with him, earned #16.

The full list after the jump.

1 – Rafael Cabral
2 – Rafael
3 – Thiago Silva
4 – Juan
5 – Sandro
6 – Marcelo
7 – Lucas Moura
8 – Rômulo
9 – Leandro Damião
10 – Oscar
11 – Neymar
12 – Hulk
13 – Bruno Uvini
14 – Danilo
15 – Alex Sandro
16 – Ganso
17 – Pato
18 – Neto

Another highlight is Rafael, Manchester United right back, who earned #2 after Danilo’s poor performances. The Porto player will have to wear #14 instead.

The probable 1st team squad for Brazil in this competition will be: Rafael Cabral; Rafael, Thiago Silva, Juan, Marcelo; Sandro, Rômulo; Hulk, Oscar, Neymar; Leandro Damião.


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