Corinthians gets Vélez forward

Juan Manuel Martinez moving to Corinthians

Clearly looking to improve their squad for the incoming Club World Championship, where they expect to face Chelsea in the finals, Corinthians should announce in a few days their most recent buy: Argentinean striker Juan Manuel Martínez.

“El Burrito”, how Martínez is called due to his resemblance to Ariel Ortega’s playing style, is an striker known by his speed and dribbling. He was a key member of latest Vélez squads that won Argentinean Premier League Closing Stage in 2009 and 2011.

He’d come to Corinthians as an second striker, probably to initiate a partnership with Corinthians’ new acquisition Paolo Guerrero. Given Santos financial trouble, Corinthians was free in their run to acquire Martínez in a move that is going to pay €3m to his club and an undisclosed fee for half of his rights, owned by Martínez father. Corinthians expects Martínez to arrive in Brazil on Monday to go through exams and to sign a 4 year contract. Reports say that Corinthians offered wages much higher than Santos’, and their recent Copa Libertadores title was also another factor that favoured the club.

Juan Manuel Martínez acquisition will prove to be one of the best buys of this transfer window in my opinion. He isn’t the kind of player that only thrives when wearing an Argentinean shirt like Santiago “El Tanque” Silva, and his dribbling adds something Corinthians was missing on their players. Emerson is a second striker like Martínez, but he’s not as young and as fast as the Argentinean. Following Willian’s departure to Ukranian team Metalist, their speedy movement in the market was pretty wise.

Maybe their Brazilian League slump might be overtuned if Corinthians keep making those solid signings.



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3 responses to “Corinthians gets Vélez forward

  1. Timao needs help. They are buried near the butt end of the table. Corinthians spent a ton of engery winning the Copa

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