Málaga’s Sandro Silva on loan to Cruzeiro

Sandro Silva moves to Cruzeiro

After a successful stint with Internacional at the beggining of the season, Málaga defensive midfielder Sandro Silva is moving to Belo Horizonte club Cruzeiro on loan.

Sandro’s new loan move will run for a season, according to Málaga’s official site. Cruzeiro also has 1st option in case they show interest in getting the player definitively. The 28 years old player started all 18 games disputed with Internacional at this year 1st semester. Sandro Silva also scored an important goal for Internacional in their State Championship final, his only goal for Colorado.

After missing Fabrício to São Paulo, Cruzeiro needed a commanding defensive midfielder to right their marking on the pitch effectively. He would come as a straight starter, and if the release clause is reasonable I don’t see any reason – apart from disciplinary problems or long-term injury – that would make Cruzeiro not use their option.


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