Nilmar roots for Internacional move

Nilmar wants to get back to Colorado

Internacional’s lack of (public) interest over Nilmar has made the player a little bit nervous. He eventually went on to give an interview commenting over speculations about his next destination.

Internacional president Giovanni Luigi said the club was out of Nilmar’s race after Villarreal refused an undisclosed bid, where Villarreal’s VP said the offer was “outrageous”. The other team in the race, Qatar club Al-Rayyan, even confirmed his signing in their official site just to have their claims denied later by the player.

Nilmar expects a good outcome from his negotiations. Either team were a good destination for him, and he’d favour Internacional at the first moment. But he also acknowledges that even though Qatar’s football has far less quality than Brazil’s or Europe’s, Al-Rayyan offered wages that would be “for his retirement” even though he’s only 28 years old.

I wonder if Nilmar’s transfer to Qatar would be truly wise. He didn’t manage to establish himself at Villarreal since his surgery last year. He has many fitness problems, and I can’t recall one season where he didn’t have an injury or more that kept him out of the pitch for a month or more. Getting to play in an country where football is starting to develop, with sub par coaching and physiotherapy, wouldn’t be too good for him career-wise. His pockets might get an amount of money he’d never get had he moved to Internacional or remained in Europe; but in all fairness, I’d get his point. He’s a professional after all, and money is what he should look for. If the money is at Middle East, it’s fine as long as he adapts and don’t come back whining about it a year or two later.


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