Santos’ coach confirms Malouda interest

Malouda close to Santos

Earlier this morning, a story broke out about Malouda looking for an apartment at Santos, São Paulo. The city is also home of football club Santos, where Pelé, Robinho and Neymar emerged. It was also reported that Malouda met with Santos president Luis Álvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, or LAOR to keep it short. He said in an interview that he wouldn’t be able to speak about Santos’ movements in the transfer market, as he didn’t want to bring competition.

Another fact that impeded him of speaking about the Frenchman was Santos’ way to bring him: the club hasn’t been doing well financially, something that’s bringing some heat to LAOR as he’s contradicting his speech at the press conference back in 2011 when he announced Neymar’s contract renovation. So, to bring Malouda to Vila Belmiro, they’d have to rely on investors to pay a huge bit of his paycheck while Santos would give them a sponsorship deal or image rights to use Santos players, including Neymar.

But today, Santos’ coach Muricy Ramalho decided to speak about Malouda, claiming that he’s “very interesting”. But he also said Malouda’s first requirements scarred him, as they were far off Santos’ financial reality. According to some inside informers, Malouda’s contract would be of €200,000 monthly wages, with no transfer fee paid to Chelsea. Given that Ganso is close to leave the club, they’ve been looking for someone to take the AMC spot. When describing Malouda, Muricy was quoted by saying “he’s a great player, and much like old-school ones he knows how to dictate a game. Also he has a incredible experience on his bag, having played in big European clubs”.

I’m not sure if Malouda’s signing would do any good to Santos, given their financial situation. They’d be better off by bringing in some players from their youth ranks to dispute the position and then sell one of them to a club. Felipe Anderson would lead the race at the moment, after a superb performance against Grêmio in the last Brazilian League round. But club presidents in Brazil still go for the blockbuster move instead of promoting youth; luckily they don’t run a stock company.


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