Fluminense still optimistic about Rafael Sóbis’ signing

Rafael Sóbis in his best AVB impersonation

Rafael Sóbis loan deal with Fluminense ends at August this year. Until then, Fluminense has an 1st option clause on his contract if they want the player definitively, rumoured to be near €6m. That’s a money Fluminense currently doesn’t have; I guess no one has it. But they’re still fighting for him.

Flu made an €3m offer to Sóbis owner, UAE club Al-Jazira, that didn’t please the Arabians. Grêmio offered a little bit more, €3.5m, and they seem to have the lead in this one. Some statements made by Rafael Sóbis agent claims that the player prefers to Fluminense rather than moving to Grêmio, which is the Internacional’s main rival. Given that Sóbis emerged at Colorado, moving to Grêmio would bring backlash not only from Fluminense fans but from Internacional fans as well.

But the player also doesn’t want to leave Brazil, and it seems that if Grêmio is the only option, he’d have to accept the move. I wouldn’t push hard to bring a player that don’t want to come to my team for personal reasons, which is what would hold Sóbis at the 1st moment. Moving due to “lack of option” doesn’t show the best out of a player; I’d expect respect from him. Gladly I don’t run a football team right now.


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