Robinho on Atlético-MG list

“What am I good at? Y’know… step-overs and stuff”

Atlético-MG has been under a very good phase. They are standing at 1st place in the Brazilian League after 8 rounds, managed to make Ronaldinho Gaúcho serviceable for them, and they’ve been stable on and off the pitch; something that I sincerely haven’t seen in my life since I follow football. Well, now it seems they’re aiming higher grounds too, as according to Italian site Sky Sport 24, Galo wants to get Robinho from AC Milan.

It seems that both Milan teams are going through a huge rebuilding mode. AC Milan already lost Thiago Silva and Ibrahimovic to PSG along with some other veterans such as Seedorf and Inzaghi; meanwhile, Inter Milan’s Wesley Sneijder is rumoured to be close to an Anzhi Makhachkala move soon. They’re also acting at the other side of transfer market, as it seems Milan is interested in taking Leandro Damião from Internacional and Inter Milan reportedly made a bid for São Paulo’s Lucas Moura that was promptly refused.

Not only Atlético-MG but Santos would be interested as well in acquiring Robinho. Atlético-MG would have the edge: they’re at a better financial situation, and they have Robinho’s long-time friend Ronaldinho Gaúcho in their squad. Santos is focusing on bringing Malouda, so it’d leave the way open for Galo if this interest turns out to be true.

I’m not sure if Rossonero would be willing to sell Robinho this window after losing so many players. Robinho wasn’t a key player last season, but he had a few good moments and given Ibrahimovic’s recent leaving, I’m not sure if they’ll be comfortable with a Pato led attack as the player is known by his injury proneness. I can only see Robinho getting back in Brazil if Milan manages to get someone to fill in Ibrahimovic shoes; El Sharawy, although not ready yet, could get more playing time to develop and become a sure starter in the future.

Maybe this will be another transfer market soap opera. But it must end until July 20.



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