Ganso’s debacle is far from done

Dr. Ganso

After failure to negotiate an appropriate contract that would meet both Santos and Ganso requirements, we have conflicting reports over the player future at Peixe. While one side says he doesn’t want to play for Santos anymore, the other one says they heard from Ganso that he’s willing to stay.

Santos board members through club’s VP Odílio Rodrigues said that in a meeting with president Luis Álvaro, Ganso announced he didn’t want to be with the team anymore. That also meant Ganso would have a “free pass” to reach an agreement to any club he wanted, as long as they Santos what they want for their part in his transfer rights.

The club board members also admitted they’re talking with Internacional and Delcir Sonda, owner of most part of Ganso’s transfer rights, regarding his transfer. But Santos isn’t willing to sell their part for less than the €9.5m, which is a part of Ganso’s release clause for a national transfer.

But there’s conflict over the reports, as Rafael Cabral, Brazil’s U23 goalkeeper and Ganso’s companion in Santos, said he heard directly from Ganso that he wants to stay at Santos. That corroborates Ganso’s version of this whole story, where the player also said on Twitter that he wants to stay and loves Santos.

In all fairness, after this whole debacle, Ganso isn’t staying. Too much tension between board, player and his agents won’t be something that easy to deal with. That is just another chapter in a history of overrating play and misdirected actions.


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