Fluminense offer US$6m to have Conca back

Fluminense announces official Conca transfer bid

I wonder if people ever learn from their mistakes. They spend a good amount of time regretting some of their moves following those bad decisions, and end up looking for a way to erase or at least get back to how it was before. It was much more “comfortable”, everybody loved you and you were adapted to it. You could even make some mistakes; people would overlook some of your failures because you’re not human; you’re an idol to millions of people. But when you had to take that shot, that slight move out of your comfort zone… You now want to get back to it. Badly.

Conca sent the message: I want out. Marcello Lippi, his coach, promptly refused and said “You will stay”. In the midst of that debacle, Guangzhou board members said they wouldn’t sell Dário Conca for less than the US$10m invested on his purchase back in 2011, ignoring the fact that Conca’s current contract runs until Jun 2013, therefore diminishing his price tag drastically. Not only that but Conca also handled a transfer request and would likely refuse to renew his contract with the Chinese team.

But there was a major problem for the other part involved, Fluminense. Conca’s agent claimed that if Fluminense wasn’t fast enough, Conca would move to another club; and one of those could be Fluminense’s biggest rival Flamengo. Dispair took over Fluminense’s board, and supporters went to their headquarters to show how disgusted they were with the team’s lack of movement when this tragedy was looming. Missing an idol to a rival was normal back in the 80’s and before that, but now was unacceptable.

And Fluminense answered accordingly. Reports say the team offered US$6 m to have 50% of Conca’s transfer rights, and 1st option to buy the other 50% in 18 months. This offer was confirmed by Fluminense’s football director Rodrigo Caetano, probably on behalf of team president Peter Siemsen who was probably sick of all the pressure around this. It also seems that Guangzhou board didn’t accept it well; Conca’s transfer request didn’t go well with them, and they seem very keen to keep him until his contract finishes.

Luckily for Fluminense, it seems that there aren’t other teams which showed real interest in Conca. Brazil’s international transfer window will close at July 20, so they would also be lucky to not buy a player at the moment when they really don’t need him, and could get a year later for free.

I know passion is a major part of football, and it’s what makes the sport one of the best inventions by humans. But passion can’t be a transfer window philosophy for any team aiming to succeed.




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4 responses to “Fluminense offer US$6m to have Conca back

  1. anacondaamazona

    Dario Conca would be pretty good for Flamengo if Diego deal should not work , i am against for a old Riquelme , hope if not Diego , our plan b is Dario Conca

  2. anacondaamazona

    Flamengo transfer management just sucks recently , i would be even glad if a younger talented number 10 like Diego Morales would come but nobody come. 😦 Fluminense is crazy wat dey want wit Conca ? Dey have already as attacki middlefielder and good passin players such , Thiago Neves , Wagner & Deco (even if he is more like a central player still helpin alot as a playmaker) , Dario Conca would be a great for Flamengo , Dario is very quality player

    • Conca to Flamengo would be a disaster for Fluminense’s president Peter Siemsen, given that when he left for China Conca said he wanted to go back to Flu when his contract is up. Wiffing on him would be pretty bad for his intentions.

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