More on Oscar “deal”


Silly season is obviously a silly thing. You can throw a thousand things on the air, and if one catches up you can have all the glory to yourself. And it seems that’s what happening lately involving this whole Oscar to Chelsea debacle since last week.

First, there were two major England journals announcing that Oscar was officially a Chelsea player. I even took time to make a quick report about him, for anyone who was curious. Then we heard that things weren’t so simple, just to have it all torn to pieces a few hours, maybe even minutes later. I’m glad I didn’t follow this closely today, because that was a good chance it would have happened again.

This morning, news came up about Internacional president Giovanni Luigi claiming that he wanted to make Oscar transfer the biggest in value in Brazilian football history. Graham MacAree over at We Ain’t Got No History didn’t take much time to discover that this record stands at £21.5m – not much money for a wonderkid these (inflated) days. But it seems that Chelsea’s £25m offer was previously rejected; therefore Luigi doesn’t want this record to be broken any sooner.

A few hours later, quotes from Oscar’s agent Carlos Meinberg Neto put all the rumours down, as he claimed that Chelsea were no longer negotiating with Internacional. A total moodbreaker, if you ask. But we are in silly season! And of course it didn’t end at this.

The newest story running is that Internacional didn’t reject, but accepted Chelsea’s £25m offer. Sadly, this information seems to be given by an “unnamed source”, and we can’t take those seriously. It only means that this whole thing is far from done. Embrace yourselves, Chelsea fans; Luka Modric-esque transfer stories are already coming!


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