Oscar takes medical at Chelsea, expected to be announced soon

Oscar close to Chelsea

I expected this soap opera to last until the Olympics, but it seems that I was wrong. Not the first time, I admit, but I’m glad to see that people didn’t get stuck in the middle of everything. Well, for instance, everyone is reporting that Oscar seems pretty close to Chelsea, and this time is for real.Brazil’s U23 squad arrived at London yesterday after taking practices in Rio de Janeiro preparing for the Olympics Games, where they are expected to at least win the much wanted gold medal. Their squad must be able to pull the deal; if not, it means Mano Menezes head will be given to CBF’s president José Maria Marin on a silver plate.

But for the first time, the main focus wasn’t on the squad, but on a single player. And that player wasn’t Neymar or Lucas Moura, who were under major European clubs radar since 2010 or 2011, but Oscar, who’s seen his career skyrocket after a few good performances with the Brazil’s NT as their #10 last month.

Apparently CBF cleared Oscar from practice, so he could take medicals with Chelsea at Cobham. To make it worse for Internacional fans and better for Chelsea fans, his current coach Dorival Junior made an interview and when Oscar was brought up, it was clear that he spoke in a “farewell” tone. Dorival was quoted by saying “We gotta have in mind that we will lose an excelent option (on attack) if this deal goes through”.

Sky Sports broke the story, citing unnamed sources, saying that Oscar deal was done: £25m transfer fee, which is indeed the record Internacional’s president Giovanni Luigi was looking for, with undisclosed wages. Internacional would only get 50% of this transfer, but considering they invested £5m in May to have Oscar definitively after a judicial battle with São Paulo, a £7.5m profit wouldn’t make them complain.

To make the rumour mill run at full speed, Manoel Marcelo Ribeiro, a Brazilian physio who works with Chelsea, confirmed that Oscar was running a medical and doing an interview with Chelsea. I wonder if this is a regular job interview… Whatever.

Now, if the deal is closed, there’ll be no “service” excuses for Fernando Torres. Let’s see how he will fare with Hazard, Marin, and the young Brazilian feeding him balls like a nanny with a chubby baby.



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2 responses to “Oscar takes medical at Chelsea, expected to be announced soon

  1. Very excited to see him in the Prem!

  2. Reblogged this on Current World Media and commented:
    Chelsea’s new signing!!

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