Troubled Flamengo in transfer market

Zinho admits Flamengo might leave empty-handed

Flamengo entered this transfer window in much need of an attacking midfielder to organize their team, a centreback who could show confidence and be relied to not feature constantly in injury treatment, and depth for their attack, as well as some backups for their starter fullbacks. But so far, Flamengo only got Victor Cáceres: a defensive midfielder from Libertad, who plays in a position that Flamengo doesn’t need much reinforcement. And as the transfer window gets close to its end, Flamengo football director Zinho admits that the team might leave this transfer window without any other signings.

In a long press conference yesterday, the ex-footballer covered topics ranging from Flamengo failures in grabbing Wolfsburg’s Diego and now Internacional’s Juan to Riquelme’s rumours. According to him, Flamengo focused too much on Ronaldinho’s judicial battle and Deivid’s situation, where the latter claimed that Flamengo haven’t been paying his wages since 2011. That made the team lose some steam when aiming the transfer market.

Regarding Riquelme, Zinho dismissed rumours about Flamengo’s financial vice-president Michel Levy going to Argentina to negotiate directly with Argentinean clubs. Zinho said Michel Levy didn’t do anything for Flamengo in Argentina, and also took the breach to dismiss Riquelme’s rumours, who according to him is a marvelous player but he’s still a Boca Juniors athlete.

Juan and Diego cases were also remembered. Zinho blamed the press for Diego’s deal failure, as they published the story and put much pressure over Flamengo’s board. As for Juan, Zinho dodged the bullet and said it was the player’s choice to move to Internacional instead of going to Flamengo.

But even though Flamengo didn’t have much success in the international market, Zinho admitted they might take a look at the national market to reinforce their needing areas.

Résumé: Another chapter of Flamengo’s current board inability to deal with business.


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