Seedorf close to start his first game with Botafogo

Seedorf training for Botafogo

While long time idols and supporters of Fogão already say Clarence Seedorf is entering Botafogo’s hall of fame, many expect him to show why he’s been regarded as one of the best players of the last decade. And we might as well see it today, as Seedorf will play his first match for the Rio de Janeiro Alvinegro side at 18:30 (GMT -3) in their home stadium, Engenhão.

Seedorf’s first game for Botafogo is also giving the team a good turnaround, as demand for tickets has gone up compared to last games. They already sold 18,000 for this match. This was pretty much expected, as we saw when Seedorf was introduced to 20,000 Botafogo fans an hour before their game against Bahia started, and he already attracted that many fans without even wearing his uniform to play the match.

Another highlight in the match is that Seedorf will meet his otherwise companion at Real Madrid, midfielder Zé Roberto, who’s been playing for Grêmio since June. Both of them met at Madrid in 1997, and Seedorf was a great influence for Zé Roberto as he started his international career.

It is history in the making. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Botafogo supporter or not, or even if you don’t care at the moment for Brazilian football. It’s all about Seedorf at the moment, and that’s worth the time.


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