Oscar is officially a Chelsea player

Oscar joins Chelsea

After a transfer saga that wasn’t so thrilling, Brazilian wonderkid and current #10 in Brazil’s NT squad Oscar has been announced as a Chelsea player in their website. Details of contract and transfer fee haven’t been released, but the transfer fee is believed to be around the £25m mark and the contract would be negotiated after Oscar’s performance in the Olympics.

Internacional president Giovanni Luigi wanted the deal to be done until Thursday as he said in an interview at a local radio. Seemed that they hurried everything, but that won’t take Oscar’s value for the Blues, who are now flooding with #10 talent. It is believed that Oscar could do the “Modric role” for Chelsea in the future, as stated by We Ain’t Got No History manager Graham MacAree in one of his articles about the player.

If you’d like to remember who he is and what he does, you can click here and read his (shortish) report! Celebrate, Blues fans!



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11 responses to “Oscar is officially a Chelsea player

  1. anacondaamazona

    I dont know wat will Chelsea do wit so many offensive middlefieders ; Mata , Hazard , Marin , Lampard and now Oscar !!! They have also de Bruyne and Benayoun. Internacional has a big lost now , i would be glad to see if Chelsea could loan Lucas Piazon to Inter so he can also play more

    • That’s an option, but I don’t think Chelsea is willing to loan him back in Brazil. Piazon might join a mid-tier team in England lower divisions, as he’d get more game time there.

  2. Read the comment threads of some Brazilian website covering the move and there seems to be a big argument between Sao Paulo fans and Inter fans on who ‘won’ in this transfer. SPFC fans play down the amount of profit Inter actually made from the transfer, but it seems to me that they made a considerable profit. Which side is right? Also, an ancillary debate about who is the better player Ganso or Oscar — some seem to think that Ganso is superior and more technical. Is that the majority view in Brazil? Lastly, I keep seeing comments about the player being a ‘mercenary’; is the mercenary jibe just one of those meaningless insults aimed at all players who go to Europe, or is it seen as some sort of significant character defect by Brazilian football fans (I get the impression that Oscar is a low key sort of personality, am I wrong?)?

    • 1) IIRC São Paulo did earn a bit of his transfer fee, but it wasn’t an absurd amount. As far as I know, Inter still got 50% of Oscar’s money, and the investors who helped the club to take him out of São Paulo also got a huge percentage. There must have been a clause on his contract which said Inter owed São Paulo a part of the profit made by Oscar’s transfer; that’s pretty usual here in Brazil.

      2) Yes, Ganso is more technical, but his recent injury troubles have been setting back his development. He was once regarded as “Brazil’s #10 savior”; one pundit even went on to say he had potential to become better than Neymar (!). At the moment, that view is gone: Oscar has a much better work rate and physical tools. Also he’s not as weak mentally as Ganso, who turns off in some big games (see Copa America and CWC final last year).

      3) You shouldn’t take this “mercenary” thing seriously. Most football fans don’t see that the club needed that money, and that the player might love the club but being a footballer is also a job. And your impression is right: he has a low key personality, much different from Ronaldinho Gaúcho or Robinho. That reflects in his game, as he’s not going for the highlight dribble, but for doing the little things right. Chelsea got a real gem.

      • Thanks! Would love for him to walk straight into the first team (we can’t bench the Brazil no. 10 can we? It’s just not done).

      • He was pretty good today playing as the left midfielder in a 4-3-3 with Brazil. If RDM pulls it, he might give Chelsea that pass quality they’ve been lacking as Lampard started to reach his career’s twilight.

  3. anacondaamazona

    I think Inter should be not dat worried since Oscar gone , Fred is doin amazin in Inter in 4 Brasileiro games 2 gols and 2 asists already and he is even younger den Oscar , he might be d perfect replacement for Oscar , who agrees ?

    • Fred is coming out good, but as young as he is, he might not be so regular down the road. We should wait and see if he can maintain his good form, just like Bernard is doing at Galo, before jumping on him like the Brazilian media.

  4. anacondaamazona

    I totally agree wit u Felipe , i think Bernard will be 1 of d best players of Brasileiro 2012 , Bernard and Danilinho good performance on d wings is d main reason why Galo is so good right now , surely dey have a good defence and recently dey got 1 of best keepers wit Victor

  5. I was wondering, why did Oscar left São Paulo?. Was it because of money as some São Paulo fans claim or was it because a lack of playing?. I assume because Ramalho didn’t gave him enough playing time. Either way São Paulo missed on a great player like Oscar.

    • IIRC, it was money indeed. And it seems that São Paulo wanted to lock him with an “abusive” release clause even though his salary wouldn’t be that big, so he decided to leave.

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