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2012 Brazilian League – Round 20 Preview

Fluminense x Corinthians – title clash (?)

We wrapped up the 1st part of the current Brazilian League tournament in Round 19, where Atlético Mineiro closed it as champions even though they have yet to play one game against Flamengo which was delayed. Now we start the 2nd part of the competition, which is the hardest as teams start to pick up many injuries, suspensions and the schedule doesn’t have much room for teams to take a significant rest. Heck, even Seleção call-ups prejudice the teams down the road! What to expect from games? Right after the jump.

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CBF releases calendar for the 2013 season

I don’t know if you ever noticed but here in Brazil, we don’t follow the same calendar like in Europe. In fact, only a few South American countries (IIRC Argentina and Uruguay) do it, probably due to their strong European links through their history as well as the similar climate status (yes, it does make a difference. I think). Anyway, CBF just released the new 2013 season calendar, and the major change is that the Brazilian Cup will run from April to November, along with the Brazilian League.

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Brazilian National Team: The Old Tale of Glorious Past, Horrifying Present and Worrisome Future – pt. 3

Dunga as Brazil’s NT coach

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 4)

2010 wasn’t much different. The decision to bring Dunga, who hadn’t had any experience with coaching, to lead the Brazilian team to the World Cup found high levels of rejection. Dunga’s team also reflected his style when he was a player: rigid and defensive-minded, where discipline and concentration are a must and the most important aspect is the result. No matter how it comes. It was still pleasant to see some beautiful goals coming out of counter-attacks and long passes, in contrast to Spain style, of short passing and possession football.

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Fluminense looking to lock up Wallace

Young RB is partly owned by Chelsea

Hopefully you didn’t get scared by his picture. Anyway, the promising 18 years old right back has been getting attention from Italian clubs Napoli,  Inter Milan and Juventus with the latter offering 5m euros for his services, while Chelsea was also rumored to be interested in the player, but as they currently own 40% of his rights they wouldn’t have to pay a huge amount of money. But things seem to be getting nicer for Fluminense fans.

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CBF heads sticking with Mano Menezes

Sanchez (left) and Marin

I didn’t dedicate my time to elaborate on Brazil’s performances at the Olympics a few weeks ago because, sincerely, they were facing the easiest competition they’ve ever met in the history of the competition. Considering that both Uruguay and Spain went home earlier than expected, Brazil would have only themselves to fight against. And yet they failed.

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Brazilian National Team: The Old Tale of Glorious Past, Horrifying Present and Worrisome Future – pt. 2


(Part 1) (Part 3) (Part 4)

I remember entering a sports shop with my parents when the 1998 World Cup was about to begin. Everyone was buying Brazil-related products, from shirts to key rings. My parents bought Brazil’s shirts, and offered me one as well. I don’t know why I refused it and decided to leave with a France shirt. My father refused to buy it, but myself making a scandal in the shop managed him to change his mind. It was funny to see everyone going out of their houses with yellow shirts with names like “Ronaldo” and “Rivaldo” while I used one with “Zidane” at the back.

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Lucas Moura, 19, São Paulo – Brazil

What is love?

That’s a report I did three months ago for Chelsea fan blog We Ain’t Got No History. At that time, Lucas was heavily linked to Chelsea. But now, he’s heading Paris to drink champagne under the Eiffel Tower. That’s silly season for you!

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