Lucas Moura close to PSG

Lucas heading France

French side Paris Saint-Germain joined the club of “new riches” back in 2011. Since then, they bought players such as Javier Pastore from Palermo for €40m and Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Milan for €65m. It also seems that they don’t care at all about UEFA’s Financial Fair Play, and are calling Michel Platini a “bluff” in the way. You’d think they would stop their craziness in buying two of the best players in the world at their current positions this year, but it seems that they don’t think it’s enough.

Apparently, the newest player at PSG’s shop list is São Paulo wonderkid Lucas Moura. He was indicated by Thiago Silva to the club’s board, and the player himself admitted that he’s close to sign a deal to join the Parisian club at January 2013. According to him, “it’s good that I will be able to be with São Paulo until the end of the year. It’s all pretty set”. Lucas wouldn’t join PSG right away as he doesn’t have an European passport and PSG doesn’t have a free foreigner spot in their squad.

It seemed that Lucas was pretty set to join Manchester United in the future. Even though São Paulo declined two bids, rumored to be around the mark of €33m and €38m each, SAF was planning to meet the Brazilian club demand of at least €40m to release the player. But it seems that PSG emerged all of a sudden to become the Red Devils’ main stumbling block as they offered €45m for the 20 years old attacking midfielder. It also seems that São Paulo’s board would get in Lucas’ way.

If this is true, that would be a marvelous piece of deal for São Paulo. The market is totally inflated and only a few team aside from PSG could meet that price at the moment. Juvenal Juvêncio, São Paulo’s president, heard from most of his colleagues that it was a mistake to stick to Lucas when Manchester offered their €38m bid, as he wouldn’t be valued higher than that in the future. It really seems that Lucas Moura isn’t rated that high anymore, but PSG seems to show us wrong.

Also, this reinforcement in their back account would do wonders for the club as well. They could certainly afford Kaká’s return to Brazilian football, as the player seems to be much less important to Real Madrid. Such move would appease São Paulo’s supporters, as they would see both of their most recent idols (Kaká and Luis Fabiano) playing together.



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6 responses to “Lucas Moura close to PSG

  1. jumpingpolarbear

    PSG are sweeping up Everyone! They will be hard to stop in Europe this season!

    • I think that their only stumbling block this season will be Carlo Ancelotti. He already have the pieces to succeed; it depends on him on how they’ll put them to play accordingly.

  2. So this deal – Moura to PSG – is as good as done? Would that mean Utd could go after Isco?

    • Inter Milan already said they’re “out of the run” after that news, and São Paulo board members also said that they wouldn’t “block the way” to Lucas Moura wishes. So, it seems that it is as good as done. Unless PSG doesn’t have the funds to complete it; something unlikely at the moment.

      Regarding Isco, that’s an option, He’d come cheaper as Málaga is indeed in financial trouble. Seeing that Rondon, one of their most important players, left them for “only” 10m euros, it wouldn’t surprise me to see United making a run at him and getting him pretty cheap.

  3. That is an eye-watering offer, way beyond what the player is valued at by most. Apparently we exceeded what we thought he was worth back in January and SPFC didn’t run with it. Having watched him on and off for club and country my impression is that his form has plateaued. PSG are gambling with big money here.

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