Well, that was quick: Lucas Moura is officially a PSG player

Lucas joins PSG. Officially. Yeah, it was pretty quick, I know

I didn’t imagine Juvenal Juvêncio would be able to allow it to be completed that fast. But considering the values involved in the deal, I shouldn’t be that surprised. It seems that São Paulo just finished Lucas’ transfer to Paris Saint-Germain this Wednesday morning after a meeting between representatives of both clubs. The deal is rumored to be around the €43m mark.

Due to a clause in his contract, Lucas will get 30% of the fee (~ €13m), while São Paulo will have 70% of it (~ €30m). While the fee broke a Brazilian football record of biggest fee received by a club – Internacional had the edge with Oscar’s transfer a few weeks ago to join Chelsea, it also was PSG’s biggest signing so far in value. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva joined the Parisian side from Milan in a deal of €65m combined, with €23m to the striker and €42m for the defender.

It also means PSG is the biggest spender in this summer transfer window so far, with €148m directed to transform their squad in one of the greatest in Europe.

In my humble opinion, if this deal was around the €30m mark, it would be marvelous given his potential to become a hell of a player. But investing €40m+ in a player in his 20s that didn’t see great competition aside from some caps with the Brazilian NT is very risky. Also, it’ll be interesting to see how UEFA will react to a huge gap in PSG’s financial books at the end of next season.



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2 responses to “Well, that was quick: Lucas Moura is officially a PSG player

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  2. anacondaamazona

    But will play still end of Brasileirao 2012

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