CBF heads sticking with Mano Menezes

Sanchez (left) and Marin

I didn’t dedicate my time to elaborate on Brazil’s performances at the Olympics a few weeks ago because, sincerely, they were facing the easiest competition they’ve ever met in the history of the competition. Considering that both Uruguay and Spain went home earlier than expected, Brazil would have only themselves to fight against. And yet they failed.

Many expected Mano (myself included) to be expelled from his job if Brazil failed to get the much wanted Olympic gold medal this year, after landing what’s going to be at least 7/8 of the current main squad on the pitch to compete. But it seems that both José Maria Marin, CBF president, and Andrés Sanchez, CBF national team director, realized that initiating a two-year preparation with a new coach aiming the World Cup wouldn’t be that clever.

Andrés Sanchez, in an interview with the press following a meeting some members of CBF’s board, said that “Mano will be kept [in the job], he’s not to blame for the loss”. Andrés said that the CBF board agreed that interrupting his work at the moment while substituting Mano for another coach at the moment would be “too late”, but recognized that the current coach will have to deal with high pressure over bad results and showings from the Seleção.

It’s known that Mano Menezes wasn’t as safe when José Maria Marin took over following Ricardo Teixeira’s exit from his position as CBF president. Andrés Sanchez, who indicated Mano Menezes for the coach job after Fluminense refusal to release Muricy Ramalho from his job back in 2010, was a long time disaffect of Marin, but it seems that their relations made a turn after they began to work closely.

I don’t like Mano, and I will state that as long as he’s running the Brazilian NT. But I have to agree with CBF that bringing in a new coach in such times, where the World Cup is so close to begin, is unwise. Idiotic, too. I’d love to see Felipão running Brazil’s NT again, but we have to recognize that this Seleção doesn’t have the talent that the last generations had. There are too many young players who have yet to reach their peaks, and many won’t be able to do it until 2014. But it’ll be hard to see Brazil getting knocked out at home; and I don’t think the Brazilian people will cope with ease on that feeling.


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