Fluminense looking to lock up Wallace

Young RB is partly owned by Chelsea

Hopefully you didn’t get scared by his picture. Anyway, the promising 18 years old right back has been getting attention from Italian clubs Napoli,  Inter Milan and Juventus with the latter offering 5m euros for his services, while Chelsea was also rumored to be interested in the player, but as they currently own 40% of his rights they wouldn’t have to pay a huge amount of money. But things seem to be getting nicer for Fluminense fans.

Fluminense is known to have one of the best youth academies in the world, revealing talents like Thiago Silva (PSG), Marcelo (Real Madrid) and the Silva twins (Manchester United). They’re also known as one of the most debt-ridden clubs in Brazil, and therefore with a huge need of selling players as soon as there’s a European side interested. Gladly, this situation is slowly becoming not as usual as it was a few years ago.

The club is focusing now on renovating Wallace’s contract – that ends up in 2014 – with higher wages and a much higher release clause, as well as buying the 20% of his transfer rights currently owned by football marketing firm Traffic.

Wallace has been featuring in the last games for Fluminense as a starter following Bruno’s injury, but has been irregular with good and bad cameos in his (so far) short stretch. An attacking full back, he’s known for his speed and dribbling prowess – maybe I should do a profile on him later to elaborate further on his potential.

This is also a sign of a turn of events, where European clubs are finding much more difficult to get that cheap Brazilian talent that would value the double of his transfer fee and wages in a year with potential to become world class. Hopefully the competition in the Brazilian league will also follow this economic rising.


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