CBF releases calendar for the 2013 season

I don’t know if you ever noticed but here in Brazil, we don’t follow the same calendar like in Europe. In fact, only a few South American countries (IIRC Argentina and Uruguay) do it, probably due to their strong European links through their history as well as the similar climate status (yes, it does make a difference. I think). Anyway, CBF just released the new 2013 season calendar, and the major change is that the Brazilian Cup will run from April to November, along with the Brazilian League.

One major font of criticism in the Brazilian calendar is the lack of a (true) period of pre-season, as it only lasts 2 weeks while we have 2 months in most part of Europe. Unfortunately it hasn’t changed a bit, as the State Championship still take a huge bit of the 1st semester, taking up to 23 dates and going from January to May.

The major – and best – change on it is the fact that the Brazilian Cup will run with the Brazilian League and won’t exclude teams whom have competed in the Copa Libertadores, which is what they’ve been doing since the competition was created back in the 90’s. Those teams will join the competition in the later rounds in the same mold of most European cups, where top division teams only enter the dispute after the preliminaries. It’ll maintain the Copa Libertadores berth for the winner, as well as a raise in prizes.

Unfortunately, the CBF seems to not give a damn about top clubs and the fact that they might lose their players down the road to Seleção call-ups. The tight schedule doesn’t afford them to make any stoppages when the Brazil NT plays,  and that’s the reason why Brazil’s NT friendlies will be played in the same days of Brazilian League rounds. Idiotic? Pretty much, but clubs don’t complain formally and the situation just doesn’t change.


Full calendar:


– Pre-season: Jan 01 to Jan 18

– State Championships: Jan 20 to May 19 (23 dates)

– Northeast Cup (“new” competition): Jan 20 to Mar 03 (12 dates)

– Copa Libertadores: Jan 23 to May 05 and Jul 03 to Jul 24 (19 dates)

– Brazilian Cup: Apr 03 to May 24 and Jul 03 to Nov 27 (20 dates)

– Brazilian League – Série A (1st division): May 26 to Jun 09 and Jul 07 to Dec 08 (38 dates)

– Brazilian League – Série B (2nd division): May 25 to Jun 11 and Jul 07 to Nov 30 (38 dates)

– Brazilian League – Série C (3rd division): Jun 02 to Jun 09 and Jul 07 to Nov 24 (24 dates)

– Brazilian League – Série D (4th division): Jun 02 to Jun 09 and Jul 07 to Oct 20 (18 dates)

– Copa Sul-Americana: Aug 14 to Aug 28 and Oct 23 to Dec 11 (10 dates)

– Club World Cup: Dec 11 to Dec 21


The reason why the competitions will have to take a break is the Confederation Cup, which will be played in Brazil as the country hosts the World Cup as well. It will run from Jun 15 to Jun 30.

The friendlies will go on from Feb 02 to Nov 19. There are 15 dates reserved to them.

And it seems that CBF is trying to diminish criticism over the fact that they don’t invest much on women football, and they will run the Women Brazilian Cup from Jan 26 to Apr 6. There are 10 dates reserved to it.

There’s a nice table as well, and you can see it below.


I can’t overlook the fact that they’re actually doing something over women football, and I truly hope it can be maintained even though it’ll probably give losses to clubs and to the organization as well. The Brazilian Cup adjustment was also nice and logical. Problem is that they won’t stop the competitions when the Brazilian NT plays, and that’s just illogical. They should’ve adapted it as the clubs really suffer with the call-ups (see Santos without Neymar if you have any doubts). Problem is that no board members make formal complaints regarding it, and only goes to the media to ask for a change when a player gets injured or too tired to play at a high level.  At least, we’ve got hope.


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