Robinho has Santos in his mind

Photoshop does no good

Homesickness must be one of the most common problems with Brazilian players. Ok, it’s usually overlooked by the wages they earn in the European – and increasingly in Middle East and China as well – market, but it’s fascinating how news come up every now and then about players looking to get back to Brazil for numerous reasons.

The last player who did that is Robinho, who’s been playing for the struggling Italian giant Milan.

In an exclusive interview, Robinho (once again) shared his love with the club who revealed him and Diego back in the early 2000’s as one of Santos’ “jewels”, and how he is willing to get back to his so beloved club.

The money to fund the transfer would come from a (probable) Ganso transfer to São Paulo – a subject I’ll deal with later -, where Santos would receive R$ 23,8m (roughly 9,15m euros) from one of their rivals. Robinho seems to be the #1 target for Santos if the deal comes through, and the player even travelled with club president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro – most known as LAOR – to a FIFA event this week, planning to travel to Milan to negotiate an eventual transfer.

One of the stumbling blocks would be Milan itself. The Italian club lost their main stars – Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic – to PSG when they were struggling financially, receiving nearly 65m euros from the transfers. Now that they’re looking to at least control the damage from losing those players, they could try to hold Robinho or to ask a price that Santos couldn’t afford. That is something to be seen in the future.

Another highlight of his interview is regarding Neymar and a possible move to Europe. Seems like everyone assumes that his transfer is down to only two clubs – Real Madrid and Barcelona. According to Robinho, Barça would be the best destination as they treat Brazilian players “very well” – may be a little hit to Real, one of his former clubs in his career.

Well, we’ll how it goes. Should be interesting; in all fairness, I believe Robinho has much more to offer here in Brazil rather than in Italy, as he’s already coming to the downside of his career – an usual trend among players who reach their peaks in an early age. Maybe a one or two years partnership with Neymar – given that Ganso is looking to move – might give Santos a few titles, or at least good receipt from sponsors and shirt sales.



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2 responses to “Robinho has Santos in his mind

  1. J

    Robinho should move to Santos in summer transfer window , but most importantly Santos needs a good finisher number 9 like Ricardo Oliveira would maybe sometin.

  2. J

    The first target of Santos should be a good number 10 , as Diego Ribas , Kaka or even Cleiton Xavier would be a good replacement for Ganso. They need urgently a number 10 wit good passin skills , cause right now Santos dont have any good passer in d team.

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