The most recent Ganso debacle

Ganso wants to move. Again.

Some people who follow the Brazilian Championship closely and don’t live in Brazil might be aware of that. I don’t know (yet) the profile of most readers in this blog, but I’ll assume that you haven’t heard anything about the latest Ganso soap opera.

To put it short, Ganso wants to move on. Problem is, he wants to go to a Brazilian club. Worst of all, his favored club to do such thing is a regional Santos rival: São Paulo.

It all started when Ganso started demanding a new contract with a much higher wage, a subject I already discussed here more than once. Since then, the tension kept going up until the past two weeks or less, when Ganso said he wanted out and already had a favored club to do so: São Paulo. São Paulo’s current coach, Ney Franco, even admitted that he already had made tactical schemes featuring the Santos player when the rumors started spreading. He eventually went on to apologize for his declaration, but the rumors only got stronger since then.

At the moment, we’re seeing both clubs going public on their moves. São Paulo already admitted 4 or 5 bids – all rejected by Santos – to get the attacking midfielder. The last one met Santos requisition of paying their release clause of 9,1m euros, but according to a Santos release this morning, they did receive the money for Ganso which met the release clause from the club, but as Ganso is also owned by the investment group DIS, the club was advised to not follow the negotiations as long as the Justice dispute regarding the player transfer rights isn’t finished.

I already voiced how I’m not a huge fan of Ganso. I think he’s a tad bit overrated, and he’s definitely not the player everyone was thinking he could be back when he emerged with Neymar from Santos’ youth ranks. Ganso and his peers see the São Paulo transfer as an opportunity to regain form, reputation and most importantly: price tag. In all fairness, this is going through just because DIS president, Delcir Sonda, is “sick” of seeing how Ganso has been “mistreated” by the club, and wants Ganso to move on to try to rub some of the bad images that remained after the whole fighting. It’ll be a tough job, but it might be worth it economically and, in the future, Sonda might profit with it – and that’s probably what he’s looking for.


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