The debacle is (finally) over! Ganso is officially a São Paulo player

He seems happy. Let’s see for how long

Phew. His flight was supposed to be short, but it was longer than we expected. At least, the soap opera has reached its final chapter: Ganso has finally joined São Paulo.

The subject was previously covered by the blog, and São Paulo seemingly rushed for the signing as the deadline for Brazilian transfers is closing at 11:59 pm here in Brazil (GMT -3). After dispute over transfer fee, release clauses and Justice problems involving club and third-party right owners, Santos and São Paulo wrapped the deal.

São Paulo will pay R$ 24m – close to 9,5m Euros -, which is Santos’ part in Ganso’s original release clause for national transfers. The rest of it belong to DIS, the investment group which has 55% of Ganso’s transfer rights. However, São Paulo made a deal with the group, and they’ll forfeit paying the entirety of Ganso’s value while giving DIS 30% of the 45% Santos had on the player – making the division 68% to DIS, and 32% to São Paulo.

Originally, it’s not a transfer aimed at a future transfer – Ganso comes to fill in Lucas’ shoes, who was transfered to French club PSG for 43m Euros, and will join the new rich in Jan 2013. São Paulo is looking for a technical return, and Ganso admittedly said that he has the intention of staying in Brazil for at least 3 years before looking to move to a bigger club.

Ganso has signed a 5 year contract with monthly wages of R$ 350,o00 – 135,000 Euros. Santos has reportedly offered R$ 420,000 – 160,000 Euros -, but the frayed relationship impeded the talks to follow through.

There’s an official note by his former club, Santos, regarding Ganso and his most recent declarations – click here to read it.

My two cents? It’s a huge bet by São Paulo, and not one that looks so safe. The risk might the worthy it – Ganso is pretty inconsistent, but when he’s “turned on”, there are few players in South America who can bring as much quality with the ball as he does. Another great risk is injuries: Ganso has been enduring those since his professional career started, somehow cutting short his development as a player. São Paulo has been known to have a great physiotherapy team, and their reputation might be at stake if Ganso nurses a long injury.

Also, the financial aspect. Ganso is getting pretty high wages for a player of his age, even though they’re getting pretty ridiculous – and highly inflated – in these years of new and improved TV revenue. DIS is mainly a investment group, and they’ll look to profit and they won’t look for the beneficial aspects of Ganso improving his play and his value. The first proposal that comes at São Paulo’s office that offers little profit for Delcir Sonda and his peers will certainly generate friction between the parts, and we’ll see another debacle over an impeding transfer.

Now, taking the aspect out of Ganso, São Paulo and Santos and looking at the stature of Brazilian football after this transfer: We’ve had a few transfers between rivals several years ago, such as Bebeto, the 1994 WC champion, from Flamengo to Vasco and Rivaldo, the legendary Barça player and 2002 WC key player, from Corinthians to Palmeiras, that made such rivalries become even more appealing and interesting. Ganso’s first match against his former will likely be set next year in São Paulo State Championship at Santos’ home stadium, and it’ll be interesting to see reaction from Santos fans – those are already asking the club board to remove Ganso’s painting from Santos’ training camp.

We’re also seeing a return of national transfers that don’t have the intention of profit in the first place like Oscar’s transfer and judicial clash between São Paulo and Internacional. I truly hope that persists – not only it’s a great thing to maintain quality players around, but it gives more reputation to Brazilian clubs (remember Neymar refusing to sign with Real Madrid and Barcelona just to stay in Brazil?).

I think this won’t be the last of Ganso we’ll hear for years to come. Hopefully, they’ll be good notes.


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One response to “The debacle is (finally) over! Ganso is officially a São Paulo player

  1. J

    Very good for Ganso and very good for Sao Paulo , though Sao Paulo had a number 10 already wit Jadson wat dey want wit a secound number 10 ? Will dey play together in startin 11 ?

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