2012 Brazilian League Team of the Year: Fluminense and Atlético Mineiro domination

Fluminense’s Fred is the best player of the year

Guys, unfortunately I don’t live off this blog. If you ever read my bio on this site, you’re aware I’m currently an Economics student, so I don’t have much spare time to dedicate here. Also, as I’m writing on WordPress, I don’t have AdSense or any other form of profiting off traffic, so my absences are (unfortunately) often. Hopefully I’ll manage one day to squeeze some time from my schedule to write a piece or two per day.

Still, relevant news? CBF’s Team of the Year was announced, and after the jump you’ll find the names.

In our usual and famous 4-2-2-2 scheme – even though most coaches these days are actually using 4-2-3-1 – CBF selected the following players as the “top of the crop” in the current edition of Brazilian League.


  • Goalkeeper – Diego Cavalieri (Fluminense)
  • Right-back – Marcos Rocha (Atlético Mineiro)
  • Right center-back – Réver (Atlético Mineiro)
  • Left center-back – Leonardo Silva (Atlético Mineiro)
  • Left-back – Carlinhos (Fluminense)
  • Right central midfielder – Jean (Fluminense)
  • Left central midfielder – Paulinho (Corinthians)
  • Right midfielder – Lucas (São Paulo)
  • Left midfielder – Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Atlético Mineiro)
  • Right striker – Neymar (Santos)
  • Left striker – Fred (Fluminense)


  • Coach – Abel Braga (Fluminense)
  • Revelation – Bernard (Atlético Mineiro)
  • Best player overall – Fred (Fluminense)


In all fairness, this seems to be a very political choice. While one team (Atlético Mineiro) lit up the championship in the first half of the league, the other (Fluminense) was much better in the second half and ended up as league winners 3 rounds ahead of the end. Still, most of those names deserve recognition, like Jean who was simply superb along the year as well as Cavalieri and Fred for their consistency and Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who gave the turnaround to his critics and was the central piece of Cuca’s Atlético Mineiro side who would certainly become champions had they maintained their rhythm in the second half of the league.

Unfortunately, Fluminense’s early confirmation of their fourth Brazilian League title made the championship become a bit boring. There’s only one thing which haven’t been decided yet: who will be the last team relegated to the Brazilian League Second Division, a battle that can be decided until Sunday, making a whole round of derbies simply useless.

May 2013 be less obvious!


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