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Libertadores 2013 is here! Round of 16 analysis

Sorry, Galo!

Oh hi. Long time no see. Jump to read some stuff! Continue reading


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2012 Brazilian League Team of the Year: Fluminense and Atlético Mineiro domination

Fluminense’s Fred is the best player of the year

Guys, unfortunately I don’t live off this blog. If you ever read my bio on this site, you’re aware I’m currently an Economics student, so I don’t have much spare time to dedicate here. Also, as I’m writing on WordPress, I don’t have AdSense or any other form of profiting off traffic, so my absences are (unfortunately) often. Hopefully I’ll manage one day to squeeze some time from my schedule to write a piece or two per day.

Still, relevant news? CBF’s Team of the Year was announced, and after the jump you’ll find the names.

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Corinthians reaches marquee value in Brazilian football

First Brazilian club to reach R$ 1b in value

As a football fan, I don’t like Corinthians. In particular, due to a city rivalry between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, I’m not very fond of São Paulo teams. But as an Economics student, I’m in awe at how there’s a huge distance between São Paulo teams and Rio de Janeiro teams when it comes to finances, and in that aspect I must take my hat off to them. Most of it due to Corinthians board and their ability to push their team at higher grounds when it comes to money. Continue reading

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Corinthians tries to reach PSG Nenê

Corinthians aiming Nenê

Seems like Corinthians moves in this transfer market aren’t quite finished yet. After Paolo Guerrero and Juan Manuel Martínez, Corinthians football director Roberto de Andrade confirmed the club’s interest in getting PSG’s best player in Ligue 1 last season. Continue reading

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Corinthians’ Alex close to Middle East move

Alex moving

Maybe we can all agree on this one: Middle East sheikhs discovered football, and they must have loved it too. Especially when we involve Brazilian players in the mix. Continue reading


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Corinthians gets Vélez forward

Juan Manuel Martinez moving to Corinthians

Clearly looking to improve their squad for the incoming Club World Championship, where they expect to face Chelsea in the finals, Corinthians should announce in a few days their most recent buy: Argentinean striker Juan Manuel Martínez. Continue reading


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Liédson will leave Corinthians

No contract, no love

Liédson’s 2nd cameo with Corinthians is coming to an end, and his last goal with the team probably was the polemic one against Sport where they drawed 1-1 at Ilha do Retiro. Continue reading

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