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Now we can prove the obvious: FIFA Brazilian members involved in bribing scandal

João Havelange (L) and Ricardo Teixeira

From 1989 to March 2012, Brazilian football main foundation was handled by only one person, and his name is Ricardo Teixeira. Under his tenure, the Brazilian NT won many titles, including 2 World Cups in 1994 and 2002, and also became one of the most profitable national squads in the footballing world. Much of it were earned through sponsorship deals and friendly taxes, but not of those were ever clear to Brazilian people. That’s why many accusation were thrown over Ricardo Teixeira and CBF businesses, but people never found proof to back them. Until now. Continue reading


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Corinthians, and how to make a hero an instant villain

Yesterday, at 23h50m in Brazil, Corinthians won their first Copa Libertadores trophy in their 102 years history. The team already had a CWC trophy, won in 2000 in a tournament played in Brazil which featured Corinthians as a guest. It’s funny to see how the Champions League for European teams is much more important than the CWC itself, whereas for South American ones a CWC title is sometimes much more important than the Copa Libertadores itself.  Continue reading

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