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Sep 19, 2012 – Brazil 2 x 1 Argentina, Americas’ Superclassic 2012 1st Leg – Review

That’s support

Guys, you don’t know how hard I try not to be what some call a “Debbie Downer” when I speak about the Seleção. Unfortunately, they make my job so hard that I’m obliged to give you a point of view that is far from the pink filter most people involved in the CBF seem to use to see the world and Brazil NT performances.

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Sep 19, 2012 – Brazil x Argentina, Copa Roca 2012 First Leg – Preview

Brazil (?) x Argentina (?)

Back when football was almost entirely an amateur sport, Brazil and Argentina already had an old country rivalry. Political debacles regarding the possession of the territory which is now known as Uruguay was the closest both countries had been to start a true war. There were a few years of both countries “baring” each other until Argentinian president Julio Argentino Roca decided to create a competition which would feature both teams and build more on the mystique of the biggest rivalry in football: the Copa Roca.

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Brazilian National Team: The Old Tale of Glorious Past, Horrifying Present and Worrisome Future – pt. 1

The Maracanazo still hurts in some Brazilian hearts

(Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

First of all, I’ll be posting these up until I run out on this subject. Secondly, I’m not that old. That’s why I’m relying on stories from my grandfathers and my father to back up some of the facts here. I got the chance to follow the 1998 World Cup and the others following that. I was 2 in 1994, but somehow I remember cheering for the team. Implanted memories, perhaps?

It’s funny to see how the Brazilian NT managed to take a huge decline in the fans’ preference. It often happens with clubs; only the most passionate ones follow the club through adversity anywhere in the world. Still, I’ve seen how the Brazilian NT fluctuated in that aspect as success and failure was brought in the performances. But I’m not sure if winning will be able to catch fans’ hearts again. Continue reading


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An update on Riquelme and Diego to Flamengo rumours

Diego and Riquelme polarizing Flamengo’s board.

Diego, currently at Wolfsburg, and Riquelme, who’s leaving Boca Juniors at the moment according to his agent, have been linked to Flamengo these past days in the media. Flamengo reportedly made a bid of €2.6m to get Diego on loan, and Flamengo’s football director Zinho said he’d be interested in acquiring Riquelme’s services. And as days goes by, both stories continue to develop. Continue reading


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