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Fluminense offer US$6m to have Conca back

Fluminense announces official Conca transfer bid

I wonder if people ever learn from their mistakes. They spend a good amount of time regretting some of their moves following those bad decisions, and end up looking for a way to erase or at least get back to how it was before. It was much more “comfortable”, everybody loved you and you were adapted to it. You could even make some mistakes; people would overlook some of your failures because you’re not human; you’re an idol to millions of people. But when you had to take that shot, that slight move out of your comfort zone… You now want to get back to it. Badly. Continue reading



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Obina trains at Palmeiras and might be announced Monday

Better than Eto’o

Obina, scorer of some of the luckiest goals in history, is back to Brazil.  Continue reading

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