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Joel Santana near sacking; Coritiba’s coach possible substitute

Joel Santana, the Polyglot

Flamengo hasn’t been doing much given their squad strength. Even though they lost Ronaldinho Gaúcho to Atlético-MG following a judicial decision over Flamengo’s debt to him, they still have a team that, featuring a good coach, would be at least fighting for a Copa Libertadores spot at the Brazilian League. So far, Joel Santana’s side hasn’t shown that potential, and that’s the very reason why he’s so close of getting a deserved boot. Continue reading


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Ganso wants out

Ganso could be out really soon

Ganso has been a deception so far. After being deemed as one of the best in his generation, his recent form hasn’t been living up for the high expectations set by some of his performances pre-Brazil NT call-ups. Worst of all, he seems to give much thought to his agents and is always under some rumble over contract and transfer rights negotiations since he emerged to media limelight. But his run in Santos seems closer to an end. Continue reading


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Be gone, Ronaldinho!

How can one player, who was twice the best player in the world, take such a huge drop in quality in the (not so) young age of 31? Mind strength is the first thing that comes up, and that might be true. But even though the head may be in a twist, the talent usually emerges, also considering the said player was playing in a low-tier championship in terms of quality. But that wasn’t the case with Ronaldinho Gaúcho. Continue reading

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