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From innovation to stagnation: Felipão is Brazil’s new NT coach

Heaven or hell, the choice is his

New news on the front. A few days ago I reported how Guardiola was willing to take Brazil’s NT coaching gig after Mano Menezes’ political departure from the position. Also, I reported how Guardiola was first in CBF’s shortlist so far, and how popular the move was going to be.

Well, I was a fool and so was the remaining Brazilian fan base who still gives a thought about the Seleção (you guys have no idea how unpopular it has become since the 2002 World Cup): the new Brazilian coach, according to media vehicles who have been mostly spot-on on predicting those kind of moves so far, will be Luiz Felipe Scolari, known as Felipão (or Big Phil for Chelsea fans).

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CBF heads sticking with Mano Menezes

Sanchez (left) and Marin

I didn’t dedicate my time to elaborate on Brazil’s performances at the Olympics a few weeks ago because, sincerely, they were facing the easiest competition they’ve ever met in the history of the competition. Considering that both Uruguay and Spain went home earlier than expected, Brazil would have only themselves to fight against. And yet they failed.

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