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Riquelme says “no” to Flamengo, exposes team weaknesses

Zinho in Flamengo’s press conference

We’ve been following Flamengo’s transfer saga in this international transfer window since the month began. Unfortunately for them, it hasn’t been much of a success as they saw Wolfsburg saying “no” to their loan bid to get attacking midfielder Diego, and long-time idol and center-back Juan, previously on Italian side Roma, chose Internacional instead of his childhood club also putting the blame on Flamengo’s board to his decision. And their (sad) story doesn’t end there. Continue reading


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Troubled Flamengo in transfer market

Zinho admits Flamengo might leave empty-handed

Flamengo entered this transfer window in much need of an attacking midfielder to organize their team, a centreback who could show confidence and be relied to not feature constantly in injury treatment, and depth for their attack, as well as some backups for their starter fullbacks. But so far, Flamengo only got Victor Cáceres: a defensive midfielder from Libertad, who plays in a position that Flamengo doesn’t need much reinforcement. And as the transfer window gets close to its end, Flamengo football director Zinho admits that the team might leave this transfer window without any other signings. Continue reading

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Bad day for Flamengo

They should train darts with Balotelli

Flamengo might have managed something never seen in the history of football. Their fans can already brag how stupid their board will look like in the following months after they have their Diego loan bid rejected by Wolfsburg, and also missed Roma’s Juan due to a board member resistance in paying the player high wages. Continue reading

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Roma’s Juan close to Flamengo

Old Flamengo dream player close to the team

As Diego transfer episodes moves on, current Roma centerback and Flamengo’s 1990’s idol Juan is getting closer to a move to the Brazilian side. Continue reading


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