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CONCACAF teams might dispute Copa Libertadores in the future

Can it succeed?

This partnership has been among the rumour mill since 2010, when there were reports that CONMEBOL and CONCACAF were looking to merge into one organization. But it seems that they’d lose some power inside FIFA, and our incorruptible presidents couldn’t pull it with that in sight. Now, there is another story running in the media that says CONMEBOL could make a partnership with CONCACAF to bring their teams to dispute the Copa Libertadores. Continue reading


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Paolo Guerrero is officially a Corinthians player

Paolo Guerreiro arrives at São Paulo to sign his contract

In a pretty short time gap, Paolo Guerrero’s transfer from Hamburg SV to Corinthians turned out to be true pretty quick. From rumour to reality, only a few days passed, and a few hours ago Paolo Guerrero arrived at São Paulo to sign his contract with Corinthians after getting a positive medical from Corinthians physios.

Guerrero is going to sign a 3 years contract, according to a Corinthians’ board member, and he should come to fill a much needed gap at the center forward position as Liédson and Elton, current Tite options at the position, are in such a poor form that it’s possible they’ll leave until the end of the year.


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Joel Santana near sacking; Coritiba’s coach possible substitute

Joel Santana, the Polyglot

Flamengo hasn’t been doing much given their squad strength. Even though they lost Ronaldinho Gaúcho to Atlético-MG following a judicial decision over Flamengo’s debt to him, they still have a team that, featuring a good coach, would be at least fighting for a Copa Libertadores spot at the Brazilian League. So far, Joel Santana’s side hasn’t shown that potential, and that’s the very reason why he’s so close of getting a deserved boot. Continue reading

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Brazilian League Serie A – Round 8 Review

Fluminense beats Flamengo in game completing 100 years of rivalry

This one is coming up REALLY late, right? Hopefully that won’t become a habit.

Anyway, excuses aside, this round really favored home teams, as 7 games in a total of 10 were won by the hosts. There was also a rather high goal ratio per game, standing at 2.5 but highly inflated by the Santos x Grêmio scoreboard.

Jump for the results! Continue reading

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The beginning

After some time deciding whether or not to dedicate some of my time to write about the subject, I’ve decided to do it. I already spend most of my time reading football news, playing football (video) games and thinking about it. I might not be the brightest, but I can certainly see the obvious and point out what’s right and what’s wrong.

Latin American football, and most specifically the Brazilian one, doesn’t get much attention from the outside media unless the coverage is about a mega-star yet to reach its peak (e.g. Neymar, Lucas), the Brazilian national squad and sometimes the league title. It’s pretty unfortunate, considering the potential the championship and the clubs have following Brazil’s economic tendencies.

I bet people will hear more about it, and is my “mission” to bring you some news. I can’t guarantee any kind of regularity, as I am between an internship and started my graduation in Economics last year. But as long as I have a space to expose my ideas and to spread the most important news of Brazilian football, I’ll be fine. And I hope you will be, too.

That’s it. Welcome!

And “obrigado”!

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