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2014, the World Cup Brazil has already lost

What was given by the people, and then taken from them

(This is the original text in Portuguese. I want to thank Thiago Arantes for letting me translate and reproduce his text in this small blog. This piece also translates the feelings of some Brazilians towards the World Cup)

Brazil will be the greatest loser in 2014 FIFA World Cup. Forget about tactical schemes, technical analysis, call-ups, goals or refereeing. This defeat won’t come in a surprise loss against Belgium in the round of sixteen, in an epic quarterfinals duel against Italy, in a distressful semifinal against Spain or in a reloaded “Maracanazzo” against Argentina.

This defeat has already come. Brazil has lost the 2014 World Cup. Continue reading


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Brazilian National Team: The Old Tale of Glorious Past, Horrifying Present and Worrisome Future – pt. 1

The Maracanazo still hurts in some Brazilian hearts

(Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

First of all, I’ll be posting these up until I run out on this subject. Secondly, I’m not that old. That’s why I’m relying on stories from my grandfathers and my father to back up some of the facts here. I got the chance to follow the 1998 World Cup and the others following that. I was 2 in 1994, but somehow I remember cheering for the team. Implanted memories, perhaps?

It’s funny to see how the Brazilian NT managed to take a huge decline in the fans’ preference. It often happens with clubs; only the most passionate ones follow the club through adversity anywhere in the world. Still, I’ve seen how the Brazilian NT fluctuated in that aspect as success and failure was brought in the performances. But I’m not sure if winning will be able to catch fans’ hearts again. Continue reading


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