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Brazilian National Team: The Old Tale of Glorious Past, Horrifying Present and Worrisome Future – pt. 2


(Part 1) (Part 3) (Part 4)

I remember entering a sports shop with my parents when the 1998 World Cup was about to begin. Everyone was buying Brazil-related products, from shirts to key rings. My parents bought Brazil’s shirts, and offered me one as well. I don’t know why I refused it and decided to leave with a France shirt. My father refused to buy it, but myself making a scandal in the shop managed him to change his mind. It was funny to see everyone going out of their houses with yellow shirts with names like “Ronaldo” and “Rivaldo” while I used one with “Zidane” at the back.

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Neymar associates with Brazilian billionaire

Mega-bucks managed by giga-bucks

In what shouldn’t be a surprise, Neymar signed this Tuesday (Jul 10) a contract with IMX Talent, a business which is part of EBX, Eike Batista’s holding company which includes firms who act in markets ranging from mining to stadium administration. Continue reading

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