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Seedorf close to start his first game with Botafogo

Seedorf training for Botafogo

While long time idols and supporters of Fogão already say Clarence Seedorf is entering Botafogo’s hall of fame, many expect him to show why he’s been regarded as one of the best players of the last decade. And we might as well see it today, as Seedorf will play his first match for the Rio de Janeiro Alvinegro side at 18:30 (GMT -3) in their home stadium, Engenhão.

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Brazilian League Serie A – Round 8 Review

Fluminense beats Flamengo in game completing 100 years of rivalry

This one is coming up REALLY late, right? Hopefully that won’t become a habit.

Anyway, excuses aside, this round really favored home teams, as 7 games in a total of 10 were won by the hosts. There was also a rather high goal ratio per game, standing at 2.5 but highly inflated by the Santos x Grêmio scoreboard.

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Seedorf sets aim at national league title

Seedorf in his 1st press conference

Clarence Seedorf went out to do today his first press conference as a Botafogo player. Inside a Rio de Janeiro’s city palace filled with journalists, Seedorf answered in clear Portuguese questions which went from his first objective in the team to why he chose to play for Botafogo. Continue reading

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Seedorf is introduced to Botafogo fans

Welcome, Seedorf!

Just an hour ago, Seedorf was introduced to Botafogo supporters at their home ground, Engenhão, before the Botafogo x Bahia kick-off. In front of 20,000 Botafogo fans, Seedorf went to the field along with 2 children and thanked the support received from the fans since he came to Brazil.

May he be the first of many stars to shine and fade away in Brazilian fields!


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Botafogo already profiting with Seedorf

All hail Seedorf!

Clarence Seedorf didn’t even stepped on the field yet, and Botafogo are already reaping what they sow by sending club associating up by 50%, and with his personalized shirt as the best selling item in Botafogo official store. Botafogo will also produce a regular shirt featuring Seedorf that will be sold for R$ 49.90 (around €20) at Seedorf’s presentation to Botafogo supporters today, against Bahia. His presentation also made fans run to buy tickets, as Botafogo expects that the 36,000 tickets put on sale for their next game will be sold out, almost filling the entire 42,000 capacity Stadium Rio, or Engenhão. Continue reading

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Seedorf to Botafogo: What does it mean to Brazilian football?

Let’s see how he will fare in Brazil

I had spoke about this subject a month ago, but now that the move is wrapped, I can finally look deeper into it. It was well known that Seedorf was looking to finish his career in Brazil: his wife is Brazilian, he spent most of his vacations in Rio, he has a children’s project in Bahia, and he openly talked about his wishes. Teams were always linked to him, but none made a significant move until the last couple of months. And now the deal is gladly done Continue reading


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Seedorf: from Italy to Brazil?

Since 2008, the rumours started. It seemed like every big Brazilian team wanted Clarence Seedorf’s services. But it was all words, like most rumours, thrown into the wind.

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