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Guardiola leads race for Brazil’s NT spot


The news regarding Pep Guardiola’s interest in taking the now-vacant spot of Brazil’s NT coach seemingly touched not only the hearts of common Brazilians but also the talking heads at CBF as well. Lancenet reports that according to a close person in the works of CBF, Guardiola is first in the list of favored coaches to take the reins at the Seleção after Mano Menezes departure.

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Mano Menezes gets the boot from CBF

Finally (?)

Well, that was unexpected. Most of you should be aware of it, but a few hours ago in this sunny Friday afternoon here in Brazil, most specifically in São Paulo’s State Federation of Football, CBF announced that Mano Menezes was fired from his position as Brazil’s national team coach.

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Corinthians coach: “Chelsea was too defensive in CL title”

Tite building up for possible December match

Corinthians is still enjoying their first Copa Libertadores title, earning once again a huge amount of time in Brazil’s most important TV show. Corinthians’ coach Tite is also reaping what he sow by going to TV networks to express his opinions about topics ranging from their player’s condition to criticism regarding their probable Club World Championship, Chelsea. Continue reading


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